Anna Benz, MS

Joseph Kraska, APRN, PhD, CRNA

Ann Dryer, APRN, MS, CRNA

Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota

Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesia

“We believe that the Anesoft Simulator 6 computer program is a very valuable tool in our simulation lab.”

Matthew Hing, M.D.

Brigade Surgeon/General Medical Officer U.S. Army

“As an Army physician on deployment in Iraq, I have found your software invaluable at keeping my edge in the area of Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Currently I am also working on the Bioterrorism medical program, and plan to move on to the Neonatal Resuscitation, Critical Care, and Anesthesia programs as well.”

“Your software is both mentally stimulating and motivating. It instills confidence in core emergency medical skills applicable to military physicians. It is the best reality-based software that I could find, and well worth the investment.”

“The extra CME credit is really just a side benefit compared to the reality-based training that you provide. Great work on providing an invaluable, high speed product.”

Terry Kriss, Chief CRNA

Cardiac Anesthesia, McLeod Hospital

“Anesoft is a lifesaver. I have a busy schedule at work. I’m a single dad. I do not have a lot of money to fly all over the USA and attend lectures for my CEU credits. Now I can work on my CEUs on the computer. I can do all on my time, and it is not expensive. It also gives me feedback on my skills to react to clinical situations. The cases are not easy. I have killed some patients. And when I go back and do the case over, I learn from my mistakes. I get more experience from the modules than sitting in a lecture hall, listening to a boring speaker.”

“So for my lifestyle, Anesoft is a lifesaver. It also is a lifesaver to my clinical practice. Two weeks after doing the modules, a similar case presented to me in the operating room. I remember the objectives and reviews presented in the simulator case, and reacted as if I was doing the case on the computer. The case involved a patient with an old cord injury and had a malignant hypertensive crisis. All the drugs were clear in my mind, and the MDA was impressed with my response in treatment. I think Anesoft has a lot to offer the CRNA who wants to earn CEUs and walk away with helpful skills and information.”

“Thank you Anesoft.”

Jill Jelacic, M.D.

Anesthesiology Resident

“I really love doing the cases. For me, the interaction with a task is a good learning tool. I think having a few different learning tools in addition to reading a textbook can make a difference in expanding my knowledge. The objectives I found useful as well, especially the explanations.”

James Carroll, CRNA

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

“Anesoft Anesthesia Simulator is a good way to review uncommonly encountered anesthesia crises and responses.”

Ann Yolitz, RN, MSN

Cardiac Education Coordinator, Inova Heart and Vascular Institute

“We use the program with our Critical Care Nursing Fellowship students. They are either new nurses and/or experienced nurses new to critical care. Being that studies show a lot of our students are visual learners, we are always looking for opportunities to show them what technology looks like. With the Hemodynamics Simulator, we can show them what the wave forms look like and how they change as the catheter is inserted. We show it through a laptop and LCD set-up during our lecture on hemodynamics. It has given us the ability to take them to the Bedside without dragging 40+ students into a critically ill patients room.”

“We also love the ability to utilize and titrate drugs for different scenarios. We literally ask the students, given the scenario, what drugs they might want to start. We let them see via the real-time responses what might work and might not. This gives them an idea of expected drug options with certain illnesses and potentially what could harm the patient. Your product is a great adjunct to our program.”