About Us


  • Mission: Make high-quality, realistic medical simulation accessible to all health care professionals. Anesoft virtual medical simulations work on Windows and Macintosh computers, tablets and phones.
  • Founded in 1987
  • Head of Anesoft Medical Advisory Board: Howard A. Schwid, MD, anesthesiologist, electrical and computer engineer with background in mathematical modeling of physiologic systems
  • Medical Advisory Board, consisting of content experts for each medical topic, guides software development.

Recent Highlights

  • 2021: Anesoft apps surpass 1,000,000 downloads
  • 2017: Anesoft simulators translated into Spanish and Chinese
  • 2016: Anesoft apps surpass 500,000 downloads
  • 2014: Anesoft launches first web-based Anesthesia Simulator for Windows and Mac browsers, plus iPad and Android tablets
  • 2011: Anesoft releases first ever medical simulation program for iPhone
  • 2010: Anesoft surpasses 400,000 sales for PC and Mac applications