ACLS Simulator improves retention of guidelines

Schwid HA, Rooke GA, Ross BK, Sivarajan M:

ACLS Simulator improves retention of ACLS guidelines better than textbook review

Critical Care Medicine 1999; 27: 821-824

Use of the ACLS Simulator software improved performance during simulated Mega Code management more than review of the ACLS textbook.

In this study 45 residents and faculty were asked to prepare for a mock resuscitation (Mega Code) with either textbooks or the ACLS Simulator program. Performance on a standardized Mega Code examination that required application of supraventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, and second-degree Type II atrioventricular block algorithms. Mega Code sessions were videotaped and scored by two evaluators who were blinded as to subject group.

Participants who used the ACLS Simulator program scored significantly higher (mean 34.9 0.5 [SD] of 47 possible points) than participants that reviewed using textbook (29.2 4.9); p=.001. Pass-fail rates for the algorithms were also higher for the group that reviewed with the ACLS Simulator (mean 2.5 0.5 [SD] of 3 possible passes) than the textbook group (1.6 1.0); p=.001.

This study supports the use of the ACLS Simulator to review ACLS guidelines.


“This is incredibly helpful for training. I told my classmates and colleagues about how great this is for practicing. This is very marketable to CRNA students since we are always in a hot panic to learn things for clinical. It is very well made!”
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