Consensus scoring algorithm for assessing PALS competency

Ventre KM, Collingridge DS, DeCarlo D, Schwid HA:

Performance of a consensus scoring algorithm to assess pediatric advanced life support competency using a computer screen-based simulator

Pediatric Critical Care Medicine 2009; 10: 623-635

Objective: To develop a computer screen-based simulator that may be used as a pediatric advanced life support (PALS) cognitive skill assessment tool and to pilot test a consensus-based scoring system for the simulator.

Methods: Using a consensus process with agroup of six experts in pediatric emergency and critical care medicine, we developed scoring algorithms to measure performance on four interactive PALS scenarios. PALS providers (n=100) completed the scenarios on the simulator and the computer assesed their performance using the scoring algorithm.

< style="padding-right: 20px"p> Results: Case scoring audits agreed 100% with computer scoring during pilot testing, indicating excellent reliability. The mean time to complete all four cases was 13.8 minutes.

Conclusions: Personal computer-based simulation can be used to evaluate performance against consensus criteria in a large number of PALS providers. This technology could supplement traditional curricula by facilitating frequent knowledge assessment as part of a PALS competency maintenance regimen.


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