Frequently Asked Questions

Do the recommendations in ACLS, PALS and Neonatal Simulators match AHA guidelines?

Yes, ACLS Simulator 2016, PALS Simulator 2016, and Neonatal Simulator 2 agree with the latest AHA guidelines published in 2015.

Can I earn AHA Certification by using the ACLS Simulator?

Use of the ACLS Simulator does not substitute for the AHA ACLS course, but it does make it very easy to pass the AHA course. Some medical centers have declared the ACLS Simulator to be ACLS equivalent for recertification and sedation privileges.

Which simulators will run on my PC?

All Anesoft simulators operate on PC with any version of Windows. Click the menu link above for Products for Computers.

Which simulators will run on my Mac?

All Anesoft simulators will operate on your Mac except Neonatal Simulator. Click the menu link above for Products for Computers.

Which simulators are available as apps for my mobile devices?

Anesthesia Simulator 6, ACLS Sim 2016, and PALS Sim 2016 will operate on your mobile devices. We also offer two other apps for mobile devices, ACLS Rhythm Tutor and ACLS Rhythm Quiz, to improve your ability to identify electrocardiogram rhythms.

ACLS Sim 2016, PALS Sim 2016, ACLS Rhythm Tutor and ACLS Rhythm Quiz are all available in English, Spanish and Chinese at the Apple App Store and Google Play.

How many Continuing Education credits can I earn with Anesoft simulators?

Physicians can earn up to 113 CME credits with Anesoft medical simulators:

ACLS Simulator 6
Anesthesia Simulator 17
Bioterrorism Simulator 12
Critical Care Simulator 3
Hemodynamics Simulator 10
Neonatal Simulator 6
Obstetrics Simulator 4
PALS Simulator 4
Pediatrics Simulator 3
Sedation Simulator 48


How do I earn Continuing Education credits with Anesoft software?

Credits are free for up to ten people with purchase of single license and for an unlimited number of healthcare professionals in a medical center with the institutional license. Send an email stating which program you used and the number of hours. We will email you a certificate for AMA PRA Category 2 credits.

Can I view installation and getting started instructions for the simulators?

ACLS Sim 2016 Instructions
Neonatal Simulator 2 Instructions
PALS Simulator 2016 Instructions
Resuscitation Bundle 2016 Instructions

For Anesthesia Simulator 6, email:

What is the difference between the Single License and an Institutional License?

The Single License gives you permission to install the software on a single computer. Any number of people can use the program, but only one at a time. The Institutional License gives your institution permission to install the program on an institutional server and an unlimited number of personal computers. Essentially, the Single License is for an individual or small group of people while an Institutional License is for an entire institution.

 Does Anesoft provide technical support?

Anesoft Corporation provides free technical support to all registered users of our programs.
For fastest support response, email us: